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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom- Aristotle


You just found what you've been looking for.

A virtual assistant that you can count on to strategically manage your social media accounts. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn)

Someone who knows how to manage a WordPress blog.

Someone who knows how to create an excellent Powerpoint presentation.

Someone you can rely on  your internet research reports and administrative tasks.

Wait. Ok. Enough with my technical skills. 

Let me tell you a story.

I know you wouldn't get a business partner by her/his technical skill alone.(though it is a plus factor.)

So here is my story.

I quit my job as a Financial Auditor on January 2016. Because I want to pursue the business of becoming a Virtual Assistant.

So I started educating myself to learn how to run this business.

My first step is to find people who is already doing it. Then I discover that there is this one person who actually train people on how to become a Virtual Assistant. His name is Jomar Hilario, the Philippines' Virtual Careers Guru. 

So I immediately purchased his seminars, educated myself through his trainings, read his book about Virtual Careers and bought a laptop.

If ever you are wondering how serious I am with this business? Well my actions speaks louder than words. You just found what you've been looking for.

A virtual assistant who is hungry, coachable and eager to learn.

Someone who go the extra mile and take an interest in understanding your business.

Someone who is reliable,resourceful, highly-professional and organized.

And finally someone who who will not just be your virtual assistant but your business partner.

My DISC Profile 

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What Other People Say About My Work


Carlo Hollero

Operations Supervisor at CustomerContactChannels/C3

"Margarita is a brilliant and passionate worker. She exudes exceptional skills for her craft, she continues to strive every layer of her masterpiece to present a work of art."


Edward Allan Gacuya

Senior Manager for Training and Operation and Head of Human Resources at FDM Training Center

"Margarita does not only focus on understanding her work, but devotes more time embodying the principles of her work. She does not stop finishing the job, but really completes it with recognition. Not an average worker, always stands out in her group. She accepts results--whatever the results be--because she knows all results are product of effort and hard work."


April Torrecampo

Product Trainer at CustomerContactChannels/C3

"Margarita puts her heart into everything that she does. A person driven by results and continuous learning. She's an achiever yet have always known the importance of being a part of a team. It was and will always be an honor to work with her."


Rachelle Pauig-Arellano

Financial Internal Auditor at AHM

"Margarita embodies integrity and passion towards work. She's willing to go beyond her limits to help her team and ensure the growth of the business."

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