How to use Gramblr to manage Instagram on a PC

I never thought that it is possible to upload photos and videos on Instagram using a desktop. 

My brother borrowed my laptop so he can post his first Instagram video. He did all the editing in iMovie but he got a problem. Instagram did not allow him to upload it on a laptop. So he just let it go and just posted it on Facebook.

Then I was about to do my tutorials then I came across with this application called Gramblr

I read the website and it says, Gramblr is a desktop application that allows you to upload pictures or videos on Instagram.

Okay. Now I got a solution to my brother's problem. It's like a light bulb that appeared right in front my eyes. But wait it is not just a solution to my brother's problem. 

If you have a business and you want to use Instagram in your Marketing to promote brand and drive sales. I think this a great tool that you can use.

If you are a social media specialist, Gramblr will also help you work smarter for your clients.

In any way you want to use it, be it personal or business. I want to make it easy for you. I created a step by step tutorial on How to use Gramblr to manage Instagram on a PC? (Check the presentation below.)

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