How to Use to Preserve Branding in Outbound Social Media Post

It is mind blowing how powerful is. No it is not just a url shortener tool like

I've been playing around with this tool since yesterday. And I want to share to you what I learned so far.

But before I dive into it, please forgive me but I  cannot contain the excitement inside me because I just created my first video in Adobe Spark.

Warning! The photos are not clear because I just took it from my phone. But it thrilled me because there is a voice recording. Here's the video of my Father's 70th birthday.

The reason it excites me so much is because first I love editing videos. (though I can't call myself an expert yet, I have to practice more.)

Second, it is a useful tool in creating a visual content for your business. 

Third, it is available in IOS mobile device.

And lastly, it is FREE.

Ok I have to stop! I know this is not the reason why you are here. You want to know how to use

Don't worry I created a tutorial for you. is so powerful because you can attach your own brand to every link you share.

Yes! You heard it right. To every link you share.

Everyday billions of people are sharing content across all social media platforms. 

And you can add value to every link you share by using

Why? Because every time you share a relevant content to your audience, you can now link it back to your website.

This will help you increase traffic to your website and drive conversion in any piece of content on the web.

Just make sure your custom "call-to-action" is strong and relevant to the content you are sharing.

So here's the tutorial that I created. Check it out.

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